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Company Commander
Steve's products are the best!!! His coalition with various mold makers and his castings are the best out there!!!! I don't know if he has "magic" resin but the casting are awesome. He is one of the few people I dealt with that I have bought from, sight unseen.

He helps makes my Armor "REAL purdy" :lol: :lol: :lol:
Steve is the BEST kind of guy to deal with offer TOP notch items...
Panzerwerks makes some of the best, If not the best, resin upgrade kits and accessories In addition to the large scale vehicles they offer. Working with some of the best model makers thier attention to detail Is second to none. They also are one of the most repuatable bussiness In the 1/6th community with fast quality shipping(have yet to get a broken part) and good communications. I look forward to placing my next order, and highly recommend them :)
Well I have bought both StugIII and small parts and tracks from Steve's panzerwerks, everthing has arrived with no problems.His castings are first rate.Great comunications, good man to deal with for sure.
I have only placed one order with Steve (Panzerwerks) and the pieces I got were great. As soon as he's filling orders again I'll be placing another.
Great guy,Great product,Great service, as well as a great freind..Deal with the utmost confidence...

Did I mention he makes great tutorials also... :)
Panzerwerks Vehicles and parts are second to none Period. THe detail and wuality of his castings are admired by everyone that has them! I own a Stug IIIG and a Sherman 76MM from him. They are the best vehicles! PArts? They are spoectacular! I have gotten parts for my Kettenkrad and for the Stuart Tanks. AS well as ammunition rounds for both of my vehicles that add so much tio both of them.

I can't get enough of the Vehicles and Parts!
Steve has great parts and upgrades, everything about dealing with Steve is first class, plus he will answer any question. A true asset to the hobby.

Steve has some of the greatest stuff available, if your looking for nice resin
goodies to spruce up your vehicles he's the man to see.
There isn't much else to say about Steves parts that I can add except to say that there would be a lot of uncompleted projects out there with out his talents and workmanship. Well done Steve !!!
Ditto all the above :D I just received from first peices from Panzerwerks, and they are OUTSTANDING! The quality of their products are so great, you won't be dissapointed; I ain't :D
I've had the worst out there in the irregular form of M113 road wheels :eek: and I have the best out there with regard to US armored resin parts from the good folks of Panzerwerks. To Steve, Charles, Wayne and Dave and whoever else is running on that monkey treadmill behind Panzerwerks - Thank you! :D
I recently picked up most of Steve's 250 add on parts and the quality is amazing. The items were extremely well packed and arrived much faster than I expected them to. I was so impressed that I went back to get a few more parts that I originally had intended to leave off.
I posted this on another thread but I just got the Grousers for the Stuart to add to the Die Werkstat turret kit I added to my Stuart. They are great! Nicely done! Hopefuly I'll have the time to assemble them and add them to my turret. Even though Steve said he was swamped I still got my order fast and i told him to take his time! That's service!
I have also bought nearly all Steve's add ons for my 250 and there is not much to add,

great service, great parts.

Steve is a real great and fair guy and his products are superb! Everything he has is perfect and don't hesitate to check them out.
I just wanted to drop a quick note about Steve's Sherman parts, I have one set of his track links on my M10, and I just ordered another set of links and sprockets for a JD Sherman. I also ordered the 76mm shells from Steve, and these are VERY nice also. Great peices from Steve.

:!: :!: :!: