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SAG 1st Anniversary Contest "Soldiers In Action'

Been waiting for this contest. I have one question Randy. Can any intro or crew picture be used to introduce a description of the crew or weapon to enhance the storyline, outside of the 4-10 action pics?
Oh, i forgot to add: Can the weapon that is being used be any size? WEAPON being Bazooka, MG, AT AA?

Yes to all of the above, the weapon could be an MG with a two man crew, all the way up to an 88mm with an 8 man crew. As long as It is a crew served weapon that abides by the rules outlined.

Can any intro or crew picture be used to introduce a description of the crew or weapon to enhance the storyline

Not quite sure I fully understand the question Dennis, do you want to include a 1:1 photo as part of your storyline/description?

As far as text, there Is no limit as to It's content or amount of characters, so feel free to write away, your text will be placed as you want It to, introduction with a narration through the photo's placed between the photo's, etc. Just submit the layout as you want It, and It will be posted that way. Should there be an error made on my part, entrants can email me and I will fix. Judging will not commence untill after October 31st. On October 31st I will lock down the contest area and no more changes will be made.
Hi Randy

Put 6th Scale Icons Inc down for a $200 gift cert as a prize. You can split this if you like.

The prize list has just been updated (see the previous(1st) page of this thread). Once again a big thank you to the most generous donors, you guys are the best. As we get a little further down the line we will have a section with pic's of all the prizes and the various prize packages for everyone to see. Sure wish I could enter the contest, there are some cool goodies to be had :mrgreen:
Sounds like a great contest Randy. Gotta give you guys credit. The prizes you obtain for these are second to none. That's quite a testament to the clout of this board.
Thanks Ed, we have some very very generous members who make these contest something special, sometimes I feel like resigning just so I can enter LOL but seeing everyones hard work, and awarding the prizes makes It all worthwhile :!:
I'm going to cry because I can't participate :(
(A manly cry that is!)

(I guess being on the forum as a gues before June 6 is no valid excuse :P
But even then, my MG & Mortar will probably not be here before Christmas lol, darn UPS is making shipment to Belgian take MONTHS))
I'm afraid that getting enough posts is'nt going to be enough for this one.....
17. Entrants must be members of the community for at least 30 days, and have at least 30 post's prior to June 6th. This contest Is our way of thanking the members of the community who have participated over the past year to make this board the place It Is today
If we showed a bashed figure in the forum, are we allowed to use it in the contest entry?