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Scratch Built Sd. Kfz. 7


Brigade Commander
When I was thinking about building the Sd.Kfz.7 the first thing that I was concerned about was the running gear and tracks. I contacted AllenW who I knew was building an Armortek one. He helped me get in touch with Gill who in turn gave me permission to use their link as a pattern to cast my own. I had the book on the 7 that was a paper model. I set out to get as many measurements from the 1/1's out there. I came up with the rim size for the front tires and also the road wheel size and the length and width. I next took my plan book to Staples and worked with them on enlarging them. They worked with me until I was happy with the measurements that I had. I did not even think about how many curves this thing had until I started making the main body. I would make forms from tin and then lay the styrene over it and put it in the oven at 375 degrees for aprox. 5 min. It took a while to figure the heat and time but it worked. My Wife thought I was nuts. I had never done very much in the casting department, but with Steves panzerwerks tutorial I was able to make my molds and to cast the running gear and tracks. It was a very drawn out build and the more I got into it the more detailing I did. With the 11 guys sitting in it looks just like the pictures I have seen in the books that I have. The build was also difficult in there is not a lot of info out there on it. I could only find two books on it and they do not give a lot of measurements, the Internet helped a lot. Hope you like it and I am open to any and all questions that you have. Small parts that I did not make came from panzerwerks, Nortek light, toyriffic k98 racks, Armortek,steering wheel and front tires, Decals, MD, stencils, Armorpax
I also decided to make the top for it as you see it up in so many pictures and it just makes it look like it belongs in that rainy cold weather. With the pictures of it down you do not see the canvas as it was taken off the frame and stowed. I have seen several pictures of it down with the canvas on and it takes up a lot of the storage area on the rear. I also made the storage bins in the rear for the 88 rounds, all seats open for storage under them and all compartments open. I also installed the winch and the rear hitch is sprung to move in and out. Is it 100% 1/6th well it is as close as I could get it with the information that I was able to obtain.










It's amazing no matter how many times I see it GB!
Since I've started scratchbuilding, I know how much time the smallest things take, and I can't even imagine how much time, effort, and money you put into this. It's just great!

Fantastic build GB...it must be a trick to paint and weather such a monster (but a very nice monster!).
I agree with AF 09 - every time I see it I'm impressed all over-

That is not just awesome, it is awe inspiring. A fantastic piece of work and workmanship. I wish I had one half of your skill and creativity. Very well done.

It's mind-boggeling! Love the rear shots with the 88 rounds stowed, and all the working compartments, just over-the-top! The canvas top is a sweet addition, and helps bring it to life! Bill, what was your source for the front tires?

Hi Bill

The guys in your first photo look like they are up to no good. :D

Excellent project, detailing and finish. Amazing work. The functional top is just too cool. Very well done.
:!: :!:


battlezone";p="128430 said:
It's mind-boggeling! Love the rear shots with the 88 rounds stowed, and all the working compartments, just over-the-top! The canvas top is a sweet addition, and helps bring it to life! Bill, what was your source for the front tires?

Mark the front tires and Spare came from Armortek as I could not find the correct outer size from lawn mower tires. I did a little reshaping on the tires to make them look worn.
Awesome job.
Eventhough you showed images along the way it is incredible that someone could scratchbuild such a complex vehicle.
My only criticism would be regarding the top of the vehicle. I hate to even mention it as the vehicle itself is amazing, but I think you should have made two tops, one retracted and one in place instead of a workable top. The workable top will never look as well as a permanent piece in either possition.
But again it is a very minor point.
I sure hope some day this vehicle is available either fiberglass or rotomould. The Armortek piece is simply too expensive and too heavy for my purposes. One of my favorite vehicles in 1/35 was the Tamiya 7 with the quad 20mm and now the quad is available...
Again congratulations on an amazing job!
Gotta lure you away from the Baddies side, candy want some candy.......................

That's a classic vehicle well done! Can I have it? Please?

Billy I'm just blown away, you are one talented guy, what an amazing piece of machinery that is, love all the details and work you have put into this, very nicely done :!: :!: :!:
Congratulations to you Billy. The workmanship that you put into this vehicle has impressed me from the very first WIP pictures. A very well deserved recognition for a job well done. My hats off to you Sir.
I would like to thank every one on your support in the building of this vehicle. I had never even thought of building something like this until I came on to this board and saw what was being made. When I picked up my 88 from Mike O, I think I told him that I wanted to buid the trailers and the 7. I think at that time he looked at me and said? Well when I set out to do something, guess what, I do it or do my best I can. Again thanks for your support, that is what makes us try to do our best.
My Prize from contest

I would like to thank Mike, aka toyrific for the Great contest and for the pize that I selected from him. They go great with the 7 as now I have enough ammo to go into battle. These are great 88s and the detail is second to none.
Thanks Again Mike, Billy