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"Soldiers In Action" Contest Rules


Site Admin
"Soldiers In Action" Contest Rules

Rules for entry submissions are as follows:

1. You may submit 4 to 10 photographs of your display(4 minimum).
2. Photographs will not exceed 800X600 pixels.
3. Collage photographs will not be permitted.
4. Between 2 to 8 figures will be allowed.
5. Must use some sort of crew served weapon excluding AFV's of any sort.
6. You may edit your photograph to eliminate or add a background however photoediting will NOT add or subtract from your score.
7. Your entry should be submitted to the SAG group for hosting and posting, submissions will remain anonymous untill after the contest.
8. You should include some sort of storline/narration to follow the pic's of the submission
9. Previously posted displays/photo's will not be allowed
10. Submissions may not be posted on other boards or entrants identities revealed untill after the contest, they must remain anonymous, this will be strictly enforced and will lead to disqualification of the entrant.
11. Submissions will be accepted from August 1st Untill October 31st
12. Submissions may be based on any nationality of any theatre pertaining to WW2 1939-1945.
13. AFV's may be used solely as a BACKROUND DETAIL ONLY(anti tank crews need something to shoot at) and will NOT add or subtract from your score.
14. Submissions will be screaned, should any discrepancies pertaining to the rules be found, the submitor will get a chance to fix before being posted provided the entry Is resubmitted by the deadline.
15. Entry may be based on an indoor, or outdoor dio.
16. Only one submission per member
17. Entrants must be members of the community for at least 30 days, and have at least 30 post's prior to June 6th. This contest Is our way of thanking the members of the community who have participated over the past year to make this board the place It Is today :mrgreen:

Judging/Scoring of Submissions:

Scoring will be based on the following categories;

1. Photography/Presentation
2. Movement/Action sequences
3. Realisim of poses
4. Historical Acuracy/Authenticity
5. Originality/Creativity
6. Storyline

There will be 5 winners for this contest, all of which will receive very nice prizes most generously donated by members of the community, there will also be a "Peoples Choice Poll" again although, there will be no prizes awarded for this as the results usualy tend to follow the judging results and we decided rather than shower one person with a ton of suff, we would create more chances for members to win.

Peoples Choice categories will be;
1. Best Storyline
2. Most creative
3. Best all around

How to place entry? Submissions must be sent to:


From there they will be hosted and posted by the SAG, make sure to include your storyline placing text between photos as you would want It displayed. Please don't forget to include your SAG handle/screen name