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Red Planet Toys


Brigade Commander
Has anyone dealt with Red Planet Toys? I have ordered some items from Red Planet Toys but won't order from them again. I have pre-paid for the order then get the message that it takes 14 to 21 days for him to ship out the items. I ordered the items on Aug 1st and still no message that they have been shipped. Has anyone else had long order filling times with this company???
PS if this is the wrong section Mods Please Move To The Correct Section
I've ordered from them numerous times unfortunately though they ARE slow... However I always got what I ordered, eventually...

I usually only go there when I can't find what I need anywhere else... I keep resending "status" e-mail messages until they respond as they are slow in that aspect as well...

I do think you'll get what you ordered it just might take time... If you're concerned, open a "Pay-Pal" dispute, that usually gets things moving or in the worst case, covers you at least some...
i've ordered from Eric a number of times...
I was, originally, caught unaware by his shipping method as well...but, after reading the shipping info on his site, I realized that I had not taken that into account...I have been spoiled by other Etailers who ship immediately...
HOWEVER...relizing this...I've got to say that I have ALWAYS recieved everything I've ordered...I've never had a problem...Eric has also been my 'go-to' guy for items that had been 'sold-out' elsewhere for a long period of time...
Deal with confidence...just don't expect the same type of next day shipping that you may get with others...
I'll definately buy from him again...
He DOES respond to queries about shipping...I wouldn't start getting concerned until the alloted time has come and gone...
have also never problems with eric -ok not the fastest ,but all ok !
never paid to much for shipping to austria and all refund if some is not available
I have ordered from Eric on a few occasions because he had some items no one else had. They shipping time was very slow but he always communicated with me.

Eric is a ONE man operation and he resides here in New York City......i've ordered from him in the past and cosidering we're in the same city it HAS taken longer that i wished BUT.....i think he is always "catching-up" But trust me YOU'LL get your stuff..:)
I have ordered from Eric about 10 times and as evrybody mentioned longer than other etailers but items have always arrived. If he did not have something he refunded also. If you want something quick don't go with RPT otherwise no worries.
another thing
if you want loose gear fast go with ;;
1-war-toys.com (by far the fastest ship here in the USA)
4-redplanettoys (he does have rare long out of stock gear every so often though + fantastic custom headsculpts)
In the past, I have ordered quite a few items from Eric, at reasonable prices. I was always amazed at receiving my order in a day or two, A DAY OR TWO.... Terrific shipping service, I lived in NYC and knew he was also there so I figured we were close, and that was the reason.

I guess his shipping has changed.... I guess you take the good with the bad.

Ok I will give it a few more days ... if nothing on the shipping status will enter a dispute
Hey pzr, just call him.

He's a bit slow on the shipping. I called him once and got everything settled. He's a great guy to deal with.
I have already e-mailed him and got the same reply back 14-21 buisness days before they will be shipped. Maybe I should have read the fine print about the shipping delays will know better the next time if there is a next time
The turn arounds were faster when Eric had a store front. Since closing that brick and mortar store, he is not the fastest now. I started to have orders where items were no longer available, but always received a refund for those items and he had pretty prompt email replies. The oder always made it to the door.

While I may not order as much from him as I used to, it's not because I don't trust him, I just prefer faster service and have other retailers that can deliver that.
I have ordered from him extensively myself. A little slow, but never had a problem outside of the delay. Which I knew about before hand. He is a one man show, with a 1/1 job and family too, and does this on the side iirc.

I think the issue has been covered enough to get the point across.
I ordered some heads August the 4th and payed via paypal. I haven't heard anything since the first e-mail confirming my order and I'm ok with that. As the others have said He's a one man op and a busy guy. I didn't order expecting the fast turn around I get from Monkey Depot or good stuff to go. In fact I've since made another order with Monkey depot which I fully expect to receive before I get the heads from Red Planet. That's just one of those things you get used to in this hobby. There is no instant gratification. :wink: